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The desert of Morocco has long been a sea. About 370 million years ago, squids swam around whose shells have been preserved: Orthoceras. These animals have been preserved in large numbers in this rock, of which we have made a table. This unique table has a table top of 50 cm in diameter and is 53 cm high. The table is beautifully polished, which makes the fossils stand out beautifully. It stands firmly on its three bent steel legs. Ideal as a side table and a unique object in your living room. The table in the photo is an example. Each table top is unique and you will receive a copy similar to the one in the photo. Price: 395,-

Skull of African elephant Elephas africanus.

Petrified wood from Indonesia.
Size: 28 cm,  weight: 7 kg,  price: 95,-

Petrified wood from Indonesia.
Size: 40 cm. Weight: 19,2 kg, Price: 190,-


Petrified wood from Indonesia.
Height: 38 cm. Weight: 18,2 kg.
Price: 200,-


Saber-toothed tiger, Smilodon skull (replica).

Size: 38x19 cm. Weight: 1360 gr. Price: 200,-


Mosasaurus teeth in reconstructed jaw,

from Morocco. Cretaceous period.

Weight: approx. 700/800 gr. Price: 25,-
You receive a similar piece as above.